Gin Mare


essence in

every bottle

We’ve distilled, macerated and bottled our character and personality and exported it to the world. Wherever you go, wherever you are. Because the Mediterranean is more than a place, it’s a feeling.

Med Attitude
Botanical Orange
Botanical Rosmary

The taste

of life.

It’s clear to us in the Mediterranean. We’re more about free time than rushing around, natural products and never-ending after dinner conversations. Because getting into a good conversation and losing all sense of time is priceless.

When we’re with our loved ones, nothing else matters.



of life.

We come from a place where you can stop time whenever you want. Where you can find entertainment pretty much anywhere, where people live and breathe culture and look each other in the eye. It’s clear to us. Share and enjoy, that’s our way of life.

A way of life
Ginmare Bottle cap
Botanical Juniper
Botanical Basil

The art

of living.

Gin Mare is the Mediterranean to its core and has succeeded in distilling, bottling, and exporting the Mediterranean lifestyle to the world - inspiring consumers to taste life in a different way, based on the Mediterranean values of hospitality, gastronomy, and connection.

The Mediterranean is more than a place, a sea, or a holiday. It is a way of looking and thinking, choosing and feeling. Open a bottle of Gin Mare and enjoy your Med moment wherever you may be. This is the art of living.

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