Already one of the top independent brands within the realm of Super Premium spirit niche, GIN MARE, the Mediterranean gin, has strengthened its position with yet another international success.

According to the latest figures from the IWSR, the top source of information for the alcoholic beverages sector, GIN MARE took third place in terms of market value with a total of $37,499,00.31. This ranks it behind Hendricks, with $390,104,000.59, and Tanqueray Ten, with $71,357,000.35, which took first and second place, respectively, in the super premium gin category.

Taking third place only 7 years after its launch ranks the Spanish brand GIN MARE above other international gins in the same category, such as Monkey 47 and Martin Miller’s.

A total of 20 international specialists, who cover over a hundred markets each year and consult some 1500 professionals from around the globe, helped draw up these figures for the IWSR’s recent publication and awarded third place worldwide to GIN MARE for 2016.

This recognition of GIN MARE as a global brand by its international sales markets comes to reinforce the philosophy and corporate DNA of Vantguard, the co-owners, with the Giró family, of GIN MARE.

Vantguard focuses on developing the quality of a range of brands that have won over consumers worldwide.
By using a different thought process and positioning as its starting point, Vantguard, which is responsible for marketing and developing the brand, has succeeded in placing GIN MARE among the world’s top-ranking Super Premium gins, in a marketplace filled with big international groups that have much greater resources and a much larger size.

Since it began in 2010, GIN MARE has excelled at sharing with us its vision of the Mediterranean, offering completely different brand experiences that reveal its Mediterranean soul. Following Vantguard’s international vocation, GIN MARE has played a leading role in unusual events, such as Med Rooftops, a project lasting three complete seasons in which the brand succeeded in opening up some of the most exclusive rooftop terraces and spaces in Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, New York, Rome, London, Munich and Seville to brand consumers in a unique celebration of its Mediterranean lifestyle.

This year it is also holding the 6th edition of its international cocktail contest, Mediterranean Inspirations, the perfect place for gastronomy-conscious bartenders from around the world to interpret their vision of the concept “Mare Nostrum”, which represents the brand’s core values: Lifestyle, Gastronomy, Climate and a unique sensation of Escape. Two very good examples of the Vantguard alma mater and its desire to push the envelope, using its own somewhat unconventional DNA.

Its commitment to a lifestyle that is distilled in the botanicals that it contains has led GIN MARE to seek the support of great international figures from Spanish gastronomy, such as Quique Dacosta, Ángel León, José Pizarro, Ramón Freixá and Albert Adriá. They have helped to enrich the story of this gin with interesting collaborations that continue to win over new consumers in Spain and abroad.

This international recognition is undoubtedly the right moment for this Mediterranean gin to celebrate its seven years of life in style — and to watch it be followed by further successes in this country and beyond.

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